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Carmody McKnight Estate Wines

Celebratory and classic wine creations meet a literary TV classic - Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants! Giant wines, classic family tradition with wine central to every day life and essential for well being. A halcyon time when wine was pure, delightful and never to be forgotten. A homage to the 140 year vineyard homestead where Carmody Mcknight finds its native earth - wonder soils from the magma of three primeval volcanoes.  Such rare super soils deliver colossal mineral rich wines and nirvana of health. 

After decades of fan requests, the Irwin Allen TV Series Land of the Giants star Captain Steve Burton (Gary Carmody Conway) features a cult classic 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from the legendary volcanic Carmody McKnight vineyard.  This rare, limited-allocation release is a true collectors' item available exclusively to online list members or by private tasting events. 

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