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Estate Tuscan Olive Oil

Estate Tuscan Olive Oil

In recent years it has been revealed just how profound this golden wonderfood is and the mighty role it plays in combating disease and increasing longevity. We can test ourselves – is there one other ingredient better to cook with than extra virgin olive oil? 

We could conduct endless panels revealing the amazing benefits of extra virgin olive oil. The primary powerhouse components are monounsaturated fatty acids (MOFAs) and polyphenols. They affect the body in ways that not only promise but actually deliver a longer and healthier life. Multiple major studies have demonstrated that daily intake of extra virgin olive oil directly contributes to lower rates of heart disease, cancer prevention, and many other life-extending results.

The anti-inflammatory attributes in Tuscan extra virgin olive oil are prodigious. They fight atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels. They also aid in reducing the severity of asthma and arthritis. The antioxidant effects are even more astonishing; in addition to contributing to coronary well-being, they protect against osteoporosis, dementia, and numerous cancers, especially breast and colon.

And all this can be achieved from only a few tablespoons of Tuscan olive oil a day. But don't just add it to your diet, use it to replace other fats. Now that’s the truth! 

But the whole truth is that you will not find those benefits in most all of the so called olive oils you are buying in your supermarkets. Not only will you not find these incredibly important benefits but you will doing much more harm than good to yourself. Last year yet another report was released -- this time by the University of Davis; after studying, testing, and tasting a wide sampling of olive oils it concluded that most of the ones labeled "extra virgin" were in fact not, and not even olive oil -- blends of inferior processed oils, usually completely different oils like (bad for you!) canola. These falsely labeled oils you will find loading every supermarket shelf. Beware! Buy what you know is authentic. Know where your olive oil derives.

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